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About High-Pressure Processing

High-Pressure Processing is used to pasteurize and seal products in their final packaging. This technique utilizes cold, high-pressure water to safely and naturally process refrigerated food and drink products for manufacturers.

High-Pressure Processing allows food to retain its nutritional value unlike traditional heat processing. It preserves food without chemicals and preservatives. High-Pressure Processing is recognized by the FDA & USDA as a food safety intervention technology. The process also eliminates pathogens to avoid food spoilage from bacteria, while maintaining quality and taste.

Pricing varies per customer based on quantity, volume, weight, and package size.

This depends on the service. For High-Pressure Processing only – send the product prepackaged and sealed. For High-Pressure Processing and Co-packing – send us the recipe, with or without the ingredients. 

There are no single order minimum quantities because of the innovative capsules used in High-Pressure Processing. We can service multiple orders within the same capsule. 

High-Pressure Tolling is the latest in food preservation. It is performed under high water pressure at very low temperatures, which prolongs the shelf-life of products up to 10x.

Send us your recipe and we can process, produce and package it for you, ready for immediate distribution, with consistent quality and quantity you can rely on.

Storage of your raw or final packaged product is available in our refrigerated, climate-controlled environment.

There are no additives or preservatives needed. The process maintains the health and integrity of the food. It also breaks down bacteria without changing the food.

During High-Pressure Processing, a machine floods the compartment and surrounds the packaged food with temperature-controlled water at 87,000 psi. This process denatures any pathogens in the food and allows for shelf-life extension.

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We work with salsas, guacamole, baby food, coffee, tea, juices, beverages, oils, soups, sauces, seasonings, dressings,
cooked poultry, meat & seafood, ready meals, and pet food.

High-Pressure Processing is recognized by the FDA & USDA as a food safety intervention technology.

Yes, the process denatures any pathogens in food.

Yes, the process extends the shelf-life of refrigerated food products without the use of chemical preservatives, without the application of heat, or loss of nutritional value.

If you are a refrigerated food manufacturer looking for shelf-life extension on your products, High-Pressure Processing could be right for you.

Plastics. No glass or metal.