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Avure High-Pressure Processing machine

What is High-Pressure Processing?

High-Pressure Processing is an advanced procedure used to pasteurize and seal products in their final packaging. This technique utilizes low temperatures and high-pressure to safely and naturally process refrigerated food and drink products for manufacturers. The process is USDA approved and extends the shelf-life of refrigerated food products without the use of chemicals, preservatives, or loss of nutritional value.

How High-Pressure Processing Works

During High-Pressure Processing, a machine floods the compartment, surrounding all of the packaged food with temperature-controlled water at 87,000 psi, which denatures any pathogens in the food and allows for shelf-life extension.
No additives or preservatives
Maintains the health and integrity of the food
Breaks down bacteria without changing the food
Better ROI due to reduced waste and labor costs.
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Mission, Vision, Values


Hydro Pressure + Pack is dedicated to helping food and beverage manufacturers grow their business through HP+P’s food preservation process. Whether it’s extending shelf-life, reducing product waste, or redefining distribution processes, we’re committed to enhancing the fresh food and beverage market by giving more companies more access to more consumers - and consumers more access to fresh healthy products.


Hydro Pressure + Pack’s vision is to use High-Pressure Processing technology to package fresh food that is Clean Without Compromise - providing all of the taste, texture, sustainability, and shelf-life but without the chemicals, additives, and preservatives.


Think Big, Dream Bigger
Do the Right Thing - Every Time
Take Care of Each Other

History & Background

Hydro Pressure + Pack was formed in 2021, but its parent company IFS Meals has been serving the food industry for over 20 years. The idea to begin a High-Pressure Processing business started when the founders were researching High-Pressure Processing to use for their own meals. They discovered a lack of availability in the Midwest, which led them to founding HP+P.
150+ Years of Combined Food Leadership Experience

Our team has experience in the following areas within the food industry: marketing, processing, catering, and consumer services.

Culinary Experts

Our staff includes multiple chefs who graduated culinary school and have working industry experience in the food industry.

20+ Years Serving the Food Industry

Our parent company, IFS Meals was founded in 2011 and has proudly been serving the food industry since.

Other Food Industry Experience

We also have experience in commercial catering, meal solutions, co-packaging and fulfillment, and co-manufacturing.

Certifications & Associations

Hydro Pressure + Pack is a proud member of the Cold Pressure Council.
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